Community Paramedic

Adair County Ambulance is proud to announce a new Community Paramedic course. The target audience is licensed paramedics with at least 2 years’ experience. The participant must have a valid and active Missouri Paramedic license.

The cost of the class will be $300.00. This will include an online book, self-paced online class, quizzes, and a test. The online portion of the course is full of information and guidance to help in learning and understanding the materials. Any travel, food or other expenses will be the responsibility of the student.

Class topics will include – Role of the Community Paramedic, Social Determinants of Health, Chronic Disease Management, Advanced Patient Assessment, Social Services/Case Management, Home Health, Community Needs Assessment, Mental and Behavioral Health, Motivational Interviewing and much more.

Class Breakdown
❖ The classroom will consist of a self-paced online portion, to be completed within 5 months.
❖ Clinical hours to be completed:
➢ Wound clinic (8 hours)
➢ Physician office (16 hours)
➢ Community Health Worker and Social Community Resources (4 hours)
➢ MIH Ride along with patient contacts (12 hours)

This class meets the expectations and requirements of Missouri Department of Health, Bureau of EMS which requires a minimum of 60 hours classroom and a minimum of 40 hours clinical. After successful completion, students will need to apply to Missouri Bureau of EMS licensure as an EMT-CP.

Adair County Ambulance District is an approved EMS training site through the Missouri Department of Health, Bureau of EMS. Certificates and CEU’s will be awarded upon completion of the course.

To enroll in the class, you will be required to complete the following:
1. Registration found on the web site or will email to you upon request.
2. A copy of a valid State Paramedic License.
3. Verification that you have been a medic for at least 2 years.
4. Payment of the class is to be made in full or payment arrangements made. Payment must be recieved in full before release to clinical sites.

For more information contact Darrell Crooks, CTO at or 660-665-0000 ext. 1211