ACADemy Instructors & Staff

Darrell Crooks, BRE, NRP, I/C
Chief Training Officer
ACAD Employee Since 2000

Darrell began his career in 1979 as a Volunteer Firefighter in Omaha, Missouri. After many years of moving from town to town and serving as a Firefighter within each community, Darrell moved to Novinger, Missouri and began serving that community. In 1993 Darrell was asked to serve as a First Responder for Novinger which essentially began his career in EMS. In 1995 Darrell enrolled in and attended the Putnam County Ambulance District (PCAD) EMT class and was hired approx. 1 month after successfully completing the examination process. Darrell continued to work for PCAD for the next 8 years. Seeking more knowledge and ability, Darrell enrolled in the Kirksville Area Technical Center/Adair County Ambulance District (ACAD) Paramedic program. While enrolled in the Paramedic program Darrell accepted a position as a Dispatcher with ACAD and after completion of the Paramedic program, he was offered, and accepted a field Paramedic position with the district.

In addition to his EMS career, Darrell obtained a Bachelors degree from Hannibal La-Grange College. With his degree in an educated field, Darrell felt as though he wanted to accomplish more in his EMS career than simply helping people in their time of need, he also wanted to be a part of teaching others to render care. Darrell started teaching various courses such as BLS, ACLS, PEPP, and ITLS. Eventually Darrell became involved in the instruction of initial EMT and Paramedic classes with ACAD. In 2012 Darrell was offered, and accepted the position of Internal Training Coordinator (ITC) with ACAD and then in 2020 was promoted to the Chief Training Officer. As the CTO for ACAD Darrell is responsible for the retrospective review of all ambulance calls, ensuring the continual education of our crews, and maintaining the licensure of active field personnel.

Darrell’s feels that training and education are a life-long process, and the overriding philosophy he has regarding ongoing training is; “Don’t train until you get it right, but rather, train until you cannot get it wrong”.